2012 Winter Tour

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iU Band’s Upcoming Winter 2012 Tour


Inter-United Foundation’s, iU Band, had been widely accepted across the southern province of Yunnan, China, & will be making a much anticipated return this winter, 2012.

The band’s focus is fostering and growing relationships in cities along the southern Chinese border through a performance that awakens and inspires. iU hopes to reach 7 cities and captivate audiences – from middle and high school students, local musicians, and university campuses to remote communities – with ten performances spread across this region.

Through long-established relationships with school leaders and local officials, the band has been able to open partnerships between schools and cities scattered across Yunnan to build and encourage relationships among new & old friends of Inter United Foundation.

By returning as promised in 2012 with a new performance, over 80% of which will be given in Mandarin, Chinese, the band is working to create performances in at least 3 new cities.

Historically, each time James Powell has returned with his band, they have been given excited invitations to return and new venues full of eager fans, thus expanding the bands reach with every tour. Inter-United is greatly anticipating this return tour!