Meet the Band

Watch out U2, There are New Kids in Town

James Powell

Who does this guy think he is… Fabio?

James Powell, founder and fearless leader of the Inter-Unted Band, is a passionate musician and songwriter. Born to Inter United Soccer Club founders, Jim and Jennie Powell, James has spent a good part of his life on the soccer field.

Ironically, James also has a slight obsession with costumes and theater-style stage production.

James has spent the last 4 years studying Mandarin and making trips to China as often as possible so he can translate his music and share the things he loves most with his friends in China.

Jenny Taylor

Heeeeeyyyy Fonzi!

Yoooo! I’m Jenny, JT, Jen, JenTay, Jenny Penny and oh yeah, Jennifer.

So, I’ve gotten described a lot as the awkward one. I don’t really know. People say I have the skilled ability to make situations feel awkward. I mean, I guess that’s cool. Maybe awkward is the new cool and I’m ahead of everyone…(probably not, but I can make myself feel special). If we ever meet, you can be the judge.

I love my dog Monty. He’s my little guy and I have to say, he’s one good looking yellow lab. I think he could take ‘Best in Show.’ Well, maybe if he was trained…. but I believe in free will.

One more thing…I really love hot chocolate.

Preston Moreau

The Master of the ‘Trash Stache’ and Soul Patch

Hello and I am Preston T. Moreau and I am the extremely lucky man married to the novalist, Heidi Moreau. Because my lovely wife wrote everything, causing the space on this website to run out, I will keep mine short.

Just give me anything to do with music & production and I’m there.

Heidi Moreau

Mortal Combat… Finish Him!

My name is Heidi, even though contrary to popular belief I’m not Swedish. Those who love me call me “Heids” (because Heidi is so long?) and “Babe” is one I will answer to as well. Let me clarify..I will respond sweetly to my Hubby referring to me as such..not so much to anyone else. Please don’t attempt this.
Although I am “twenty-something”, I’m often reminded of what an old soul I am..listening to the likes of ol’ Blue Eyes, The Beatles, and Ella Fitzgerald, Enya and other soothing sounds, and the occasional Blondie. *pause* Oh yeah. *pause* I enjoy many different genres of music, I could never choose a favorite.
*PLUG* I love being a part of Raggamuffinshop and am so blessed to get to do what I love with people I love! (IUBand..this website) *UNPLUG*
I am passionate about traveling (waking up in a different city every few days is just fine with me) and experiencing other cultures.. the people, food, smells, architecture, vibe, traditions, history, accents, music and arts, and simply others’ way of life.
I am a total book-nerd and my idea of a “good time” is drinking a ravishingly delicious cup of coffee while reading a book on a rainy day. No, I was not the “cool kid” in school.
I grew up 20 mins from the ocean and have a deep connection to it. I try to surf…still trying.
I really enjoy yoga. (Not the sketchy kind.) I secretly want to be an Archeologist. One of these days I will own a Vespa.

And there you have it.. My marriage and our pup (Kuzco), family and friends, traveling, music, coffee, books, and rain.
Hey, I may not be the most interesting person alive… but at least I am one of the most honest!